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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 3, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> so you can get a path. >> if you want to meet afterwards and you want to go have coffee, go ahead. that's how we started the day. guys. good morning, everybody, fox news extreme weather alert because the dangerous blizzard conditions whipping across the northeast dumping nearly two feet of snow near boston, shutting down major highways throughout new york state, forcing u.s. airlines to cancel thousands of flights nationwide. jfk was still shut down this morning. good morning to wherever you are, whether warm or cold. i'm bill hemmer in "america's newsroom." >> i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. every major city in the northeast is covered with snow as the storm continues to slam the region. forcing school cancellations from philly to boston. sending temperatures plunging to just above zero.
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some people say, what do you expect? it is winter. >> we got polled with all the warm weather we've been having. normal winter is this. >> i think this is great. it is quite. people are having fun. i mean, i'm loving it. bill: until it turns to gray much. live team fox coverage, laura engel braving elements in new york. meteorologist maria molina live in the fox extreme winter weather center. who bottom got the most, maria. good morning. >> the hardest hit state has been massachusetts and the eastern portion of the state. look at snowfall totals. these are recorded and still snowing on top of these totals. it is likely we'll see accumulations in excess of two feet. but in topsfield, massachusetts, 23.5 inches of snow. parts of new york getting snowfall like bayshore, 11.5 inches of snow.
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you know what? it is still snowing out there. what happened in the last 24 hours moved across the midwest an produced snow in illinois, indiana and sections of the ohio. you see the snow through the loop. another piece of energy across the southeast moved northward. both pieces united in the northeast producing widespread snowfall. hardest hit area parts of southern new england. the winds are gusting through entire overnight hours, even recall this morning. look at some of these recorded gusts. more than 50 mile-an-hour wind recorded in nantucket. 30 mile-an-hour wind record the at jfk. the latest, 44 mile-an-hour wind gusts reported out there. you combine the wind and snow you talk about whiteout conditions. we have liz and warnings across long island and across the cape. the other big problem with the storm it ushered in cold air from canada. so actual temperatures are only the in the teens, single digits for some of you.
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you factor in the wind this is what happens. a windchill temperatures when you leave the door. caribou, maine, feels like 35 degrees below zero. in boston, 13 below zero. that is the story across the great lakes and midwest and parts of northern plains as well. we'll see another storm system through portions of the midwest tomorrow into sunday and more snow. patti ann and bill, take a look at this. by sunday more cold air invades portions of midwest. monday we'll look at temperatures cold yet again across parts of the northeast. so again, expect another round of very chilly temperatures. tuesday, the high? new york city, just 12. buffalo, eight, chicago one. bill: i'm digging it. did i see 35 below in green bay? >> green bay? bill: is that what i saw earlier? >> we can look through it again. hold on, early saturday, sunday. bill: right now?
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>> current windchills. oh, yeah, yeah. that is easy. green bay, parts of minnesota, parts of the dakotas of the that will be story yet again sunday through monday. bill: you know, as a young man i attended coldest football game ever played maria. freezer bowl, january 1982, it was 73 degrees below zero windchill. >> are you going to the super bowl. bill: mid-february. chris christie said will get the worst snow ever in early february to make a memory. >> john about super bowls. bill: see you in 30 minutes, maria. well-done. >> thanks. bill: here's patti ann. >> bill is a tough midwesterner. as marie yaw just mentioned states of emergency have been declared in new york and new jersey. laura engel is live in freeport, long island, new york, with that part of the story. laura, what is it like there? >> reporter: hi, patti ann. it is coming down hard and steady all night long and all
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morning long creating this wall of white you see around me and it is extremely bitter cold. as we've been reporting very unpleasant conditions here as rob our cameraman pans around and shows you the scene along nautical mile. the snow stolts continue to rise. highest total, seven inches in new york city. central park saw five inches. the snow is not the wet heavy snuff we often see. like powdered sugar through a sugar sifter. it's a lot of it. it is whipping around with high wind gusts that brought us blizzard warnings this afternoon. it is painful at times. stiff wind and cold temperatures left everyone with bone-chilling conditions to live through. schools are closed up and down along the east coast. all public schools are shut down in new york city. the roads are obviously a dangerous mess. new york governor andrew cuomo calling for shutdown of three major highways overnight and into the early morning including
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the long island expressway, or lie. people here know that. in the big apple the mayor reports that 2500 snowplows tearing through the snow packed streets. we're expecting a update 10:00 a.m. eastern time from our new mayor, bill deglaus yo for an update. warm war you are. >> stay warm, laura. bill: bill: hang in there. 300 flights stranded in at o'hare in chicago. stranded passengers spending much of the night trying to rebook flights and moving forward in time. >> i have no idea when we get out of here. >> just canceled. we're supposed to fly this morning. got canceled again. now we're supposed to fly out at 3:20. we're waiting for the call that tells us it is canceled again. bill: about 120 flights canceled at midway in chicago as well, patti ann. >> folks in north dakota, dealing with blizzard conditions and bitter cold. how old?
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22 below zero with wind chills minus 40. look at this, that is steam rising from the missouri river. that is caused by the difference in temperature. it is only going to get worse. forecasters say frigid arctic air is expected to move in over the weekend with windchills dropping to 60 below. bill: whoa. what are you doing today during the big storm? we had some great pictures yesterday. they were very bucolic and pastoral and peaceful. i wonder what they look like today. on witter @billhemmer, at patti ann browne. were you impressed with the football story? heather: when i were telling it yesterday. i couldn't believe it. bill: eyelashes frozen. keep on telling us that. fox news alert. back to the weather. two american college students are detained in benghazi, libya. they are college basketball players at benghazi university. who knew. the americans were detaicampus. it was not clear why they were taken. the u.s. embassy has not
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commented. this coming after four u.s. servicemen detained at a libyan check point last month and released soon after. we'll keep eye on that breaking news today. >> the u.s. embassy in south sudan evacuating more of its staff as security there is breaking down. fighting erupted in south sudan last month between supporters of south sudan's president and those of deputy he fired. that's when the embassy initially started organizing flights out of the region. u.s. embassy will no longer provide consular services there starting saturday. bill: update on obamacare. day three, new problems for that law. this time coming from 11 state attorneys general. that group sending a letter to sebelius. their message in that letter, president obama is breaking the law making changes to the health care law without going through congress. elizabeth prann on this live from washington. what are the details of this letter, elizabeth?
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>> reporter: good morning, bill. back in november the president chenged his mind and he said insurance companies could for one more year sell old policies even if they were unacceptable under affordable care act parameters. attorney generals targeting that move, saying quote, flatly illegal, under federal, constitutional and statutory law. in part the group writes, we support allowing citizens to keep their health insurance coverage but only way to fix this problem-written law to enact changes lawfully through congressional action. remember the white house is also delaying employer insurance mandate for one year. some lawmakers are saying this too requires congressional votes. bill? bill: speaking of lawmakers, what are their biggest concerns now when they come back next week? certainly they will be talking about this, in what sense? >> reporter: not long after the house is getting back in session it will take up legislation pertaining to security concerns of the site. their proposal is to require the government to contact customers, if any personal information has
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been compromised on majority leader eric cantor just this week is accusing the administration down playing the threats of in fear of scaring buyers. this isn't the first time lawmakers brought up security issues. in a number of hearings both the house and senate questioned officials about security gaps. this is just one example of the administration's response back in november. >> when consumers fill out the online application they can trust that the information they're provided is protected by stringent security standards and that the technology underlying the application process has been tested and is secure. >> reporter: center for medicaid and medicare official responding yesterday in part saying that the privacy and security are a top priority for customers and they can ensure that they're protected. bill, back to you. bill: thank you, elizabeth. stay warm, all right? nice to see you. as you mention the story we'll talk to one of the attorneys general who wrote that letter to kathleen sebelius, virginia ag, ken cuccinelli. we'll be here live to explain
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his points. do not miss that. >> long-awaited rescue hit as snag. the ship that saved 5scientists an tourists in antarctica find itself in trouble. bill: a lot of irony in that story. the debate heats up who is really to blame for inequality in the u.s. five years into the obama administration. listen to charles. >> i think among the western nations, prosperous nations, developed nations we are the least interested in inequality because that imply that is in addition to empowering the poor, your objective is to impoverish the rich. americans generally speaking don't envy the rich. they want to be rich. announcer] nearly 7 million clients. how did edward jones get so big? t me just put this away. ♪ could you teach our kids that trick? [ male announcer ] by not acting that way. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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charron has been in a coma eight years following a massive stroke at the height of his political power. of bill? >> that obama has decided he is going to dedicate himself and rest of his time in office to fighting inequality. he has created the greatest inequality because of the zero interest rates, because the fed put a trillion dollars which had to go into higher assets, meaning the market. it is the rich who got richer and it is left everyone else behind. that's why you get the massive discontent in the sense of economy not improving. he is the cause and now he is going to redeem us from the miss remembererry that he has contributed to. bill: charles krauthamer on "special report" slamming president's pivot on income inequality in the u.s. at issue highlighted at inauguration here in new york city, bill deblasio the new mayor. some of the highlights, shall we
6:16 am
say. >> our nation has the largest prison population in the world. much of that problem stems from issues of race perpetuated by the depth of human indifference to positivity. >> we're called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love. bill: if it could only be nice and better. rich lowery, "national review" and fox news contribute charles payne and fox news anchor and co-host of "varney & company." rich, krauthamer's point the president has not helped here with his policies. how would you address that? >> well the federal reserve poll sieve quantitative easing has pumped up the stock market. that doesn't just help the rich
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but help as lot of rich people. but the broader point, bill, this is something the president neglects when he talks about this, inequality is trend across decades, across all presidencies, across every developed advanced economy. has to do with deep trends in our world, globalization, automation. so there is no way it will be stopped. and when president obama or bill deblasio says somehow they will end social and economic inequality it is a pipe-dream and they can only do damage trying to do it. bill: charles, what do you think about this debate? >> i don't disagree. i'm not too keen on it. i think it is too simplistic to say the fed pumped up the market. that is very different discussion. i think global economy pumped up the u.s. stock market. the problem in this country it's a skills gap. we're going to knowledge based area if you have the knowledge you can make a whole lot of money. millions of stem jobs going
6:18 am
begging, millions. we need welders, we need welders. where are the welders? what we're talking about, are policies by, by the left, that actually retard the growth. that make the ladder of success hardtory climb. high taxes, high regulation, actually hurt the engine of growth. and that is what hurts the bottom from climbing up. look at any place where you have democrats in control, really seriously in control. states like california. cities like washington, d.c. they have the widest incomes inequality gaps. bill: his point goes to education. you right about that today in the "new york post." >> there are two issues that have to be separated here. one in income inequality which you're not going to stop. the other mobility from the bottom. which you want to do everything you can to increase the fact is, bill, in this country if you honor certain basic norms, if you graduate from high school, if you get a full-time job, if you get married before you have kids, the chances of you being
6:19 am
poor are basically nil. this is still a wide open country, with opportunities there for people to grasp. bill: you make the point, you argue that if you do those three things, you're chances of being successful are greater, and you have less of dependency on government in the first place. >> correct. if you get a college degree, put aside just graduating from high school which is very important, if you get a college degree and start out in bottom fifth of income in this country, the chances of you staying in the bottom fifth is really rare. 16, 19% end up in the top fifth. this is still a country where you can make the most of yourself. we want to encourage people to do that, just pounding on the rich saying because mark zuckerberg is very rich it hurts everyone else, that is nonsense. bill: this guy has been talking about that for years, as long as i've known you. >> i have. i've been talking about this for year. i knew this will be a gigantic story. this will be story forenext four
6:20 am
years. this is not just an american story but western civilization story. a lot is at stake. person make as million dollars a year and person b makes $37,000 a year. you can tax person a's income. you have not changed income. get back to the things rich was talking about. also, when you start saying, well, let's make minimum wage higher. what we're talking about rewarding mediocrity. you push back the need to do things rich talked about. you know what? don't graduate from high school. don't get married. we'll make your wages higher anyway. bill: this administration and fed policy has been really good for rich people. if you're wealthy you made a ton of money last couple years. that i was true. >> that doesn't necessarily mean that the fed's policy was wrong. charles knows more about monetary policy when i do, when unemployment is high and inflation is low the fed should be loose. >> by the way, when you listen to ben bernanke, he complains about fiscal boy s.
6:21 am
that is what he saying. what we did was right the president is hurting what we're trying to do. bill: thank you very much. did anyone pull out a checkbook at inauguration? did they? >> i'm pretty sure they had one around. bill: did you see that. banging, banging, i didn't see any money come out of their pockets. >> you first. bill: right on. patti ann, what is next? patti ann: who would you like half a million dollars to improve your social media profile? one government agency did just that. we'll tell you which one and why next. bill: boston, mass, still snowing and very, very windy. some areas have already two feet of snow on the ground and we'll take you there live. it will be cold out there. back on her feet. [ all gasp ] oj, veggies you're cool. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! 'cause i'm re-workin' the menu, keeping her healthy and you on your toes.
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bill: the department of justice said to be spending more than
6:25 am
half a million dollars to improve its company profile on the professional, social media site, linkedin. the contract gives the agency unlimited access to the networking sites 250 million users through its recruiter service. doj criminal division says it will use the site to post job advertisements and seek potential employees. patti ann: the rescue of 52 scientists and tourists stranded on a ship empty antarctic was a success until there was another snag. they were ironically researching global warming when they got stuck in ice on christmas eve. amy kellogg is in london. tell us about the latest setbacks. >> reporter: patti ann, the chinese icebreaker which which provided the hello copper which rescued the passengers on board
6:26 am
the academic shokalskiy is stranded. that's when the plan to use the helicopter to get everyone off the research ship was hatched. it took many days best plan could be executed due to weather conditions. in that time the chinese ship was just sitting in the ice itself. so the aurora as trail list, which is the in process ferrying researchers to safety is asked to stand by to see if it needs to bail out the chinese icebreaker. pat aye ann. patti ann: wow. the yesterday's rescue was dramatic. what details can you give us about that? >> reporter: no one thought anybody's life was at risk but eye merged chinese had no idea whether or not the ice thick as it was out there could hold the helicopter which had to land
6:27 am
five times to collect all of those passengers and take them on to the australian ship. some of the researchers are now saying that the ice that entrapped the research ship actually broke off a greater mass at the tip of antarctica, and winds blew it and the shokalskiy. as those rescued let it be known how much they appreciate all the work done to get them off the ship. >> i was immensely relieved for the people under my care. i was pleased with, extract them from that situation. i'm a bit tired. >> reporter: patti ann, still controversy whether the researchers who went to antarctica were reckless or whether the research was necessary. plenty of people defending the mission they did. one thing that was clear, there
6:28 am
was incredible international cooperation in the rescue effort. as we've been discussing, there is a snag and that chinese ship appears to be stuck itself. patti ann: amy kellogg, thanks. bill: they were investigating global warming. stuck down there a longer time than they thought. they won't be home for at least two weeks i'm told. patti ann: they're keeping good spirits. they're a hardy crew. bill: singing carols. one democrat plan for the party. two words, embrace obamacare. is he right? we'll get into that a in a moment. patti ann: blizzard causing headaches for air travelers all across the country. guess what is coming next? >> our flight was only one got outgoing to where we were going. we're coming and camping out here and seeing what happens. oup every night. [announcer] why not talk to someone who's sleeping on the most highly recommended bed in america? [woman] ask me about my tempur-pedic. [man] ask me how fast i fall leep.
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bill: this will be an issue for quite some time now. mother nature as you know is wreaking havoc across the midwest and the northeast. last night dumping two feet of snow in some areas stranding airline passengers all over the country. will carr with that part of the story. he is live in los angeles at the airport there where they started canceling flights yesterday. where are the worst delays, will? >> reporter: well, bill, there are delays everywhere. here in los angeles we don't have the snow you're seeing in other parts of the country but we have long lines here at lax and there are lines at airports really across the country.
6:33 am
major impact to passengers in the northeast. we can tell you that logan international shut down overnight. it just he opened a short time ago, after boston, some parts of boston got more than two feet of snow. in new york, jfk shut down for several hours this morning. it is supposed to open back up anytime. again, delay, cancellations due to blowing snow, to ice, to poor visibility. according to flight, more than 1700 flights have been canceled across the country so far today. there are more than 950 delays. as you can probably imagine, passengers are telling us they're not happy. >> they were all aggravated, you know, but they said, there have been people for three days trying to fly out. all the planes are booked. >> they were able to rebook me but not for another like, like 48 hours. >> reporter: bill, imagine that. we can get you on a flight but it will be another two days.
6:34 am
obviously very frustrating for passengers across the country right now. bill: indeed i bet. ripple effect is significant. will carr, live at lax. patti ann: democratic congressman jim mcdermott of washington state laying out his approach for the upcoming midterm elections saying, quote, for the first time many people have health care and that is going to be an issue that democrats i think can run on and be proud of. the other side will have a hard time explaining why it isn't good for people to have health insurance and be protected against previous problems they have and their children getting covered, end of quote. should the democrats run on obamacare? let's ask doug schoen, former advisor to president bill clinton and mary cat there ham, both fox news contributors and happy new year to you both. >> happy new year. patti ann: congressman mcdermott says first time many people have health care but those numbers are questionable.
6:35 am
more than 5 million lost their insurance with health coverage canceled. some of might have been enrolled in expensive private plans. more than two million enrollees are people that already had coverage. it is not clear there is net increase at this point in the number of insured? >> right. that is very unclear at this point. it certainly leans towards the possibility we're at a net negative at this point. mcdermott's comments and pitch might have worked a little better before this actually was enacted and people dealing with problems with it. you can mention three 307 lar things in the bill and law, people would say, that sounds all right. they're having personal experiences with it. mcdermott is at an advantage because he is representing i believe the third most democratic district on the west coast outside of l.a. and san francisco. he has luxury saying hey, it is awesome, strap in and enjoy. so i don't, but i would say also, not all democrats are
6:36 am
super fans of this as well. as you look at polling, the gallup numbers saying 59% of uninsured had a bad experience with obamacare and way they were signing up. so it does stretch across all demographics. i would caution even those in safe districts from being super excited about it. patti ann: doug, as mary catherine mentioned, a new "gallup poll," 59% of the uninsured americans say their experience with obamacare so far has been negative. that is among the uninsured, the people the bill was supposed to help at the expense of some already insured who are seeing higher premiums, cancellations, et cetera. is this a good thing for dems to run on in midterm? >> this is pretty clear it isn't a good thing. this isn't partisan politics. i want democrats to hold the senate and make gains in the house but they will not do it on obamacare. democrats frankly made a mistake not going back to the president which i suspect they will do, mr. president, we have to delay, we have to fix this law. and we have to change it, bottom
6:37 am
line as mary catherine suggested, people are not signing up. those signing up are not getting services they need. just today we're seeing in a study out of oregon, very close to congressman mcdermott's district there, is more utilization of emergency rooms, rather than less, which is a central tenet of what advocates of obamacare would not happen. so bottom line there's no evidence young people are signing up. that the program is viable and politically it's a stone cold loser for the democrats. patti ann: mary catherine, the gop is planning to target obamacare supporters in the midterms. who particularly do they feel is vulnerable? >> well, sort of the usual lot -- i'm in north carolina where senator kay hagen is not using the mcdermott approved message that obamacare is awesome. she is taking quite a different tack because she is dealing with a different audience. frankly before obamacare was enacted and people were having
6:38 am
experiences the numbers were not good on it even then. now it is obviously going in the wrong direction for them. many people do end up liking entitlements when they didn't maybe like them when the law was passed because, even if the product is not great as we see in studies of medicaid for instance, people like having service offered to them. this is different because people are not able to access the service. the service isn't that great when they get it. the products, frankly for middle class, they're having to pay a lot for it, sometimes a lot more than they were paying for what they had before. so i don't think it has elements that make entitlement really exciting for people that eventually get into it. patti ann: doug, michael moore wrote a controversial article criticizing obamacare as what he calls a pro-insurance industry plan implemented by a president who knew in his heart that a single-payer medicare for all model was the true way to go. so is single-payer where we're headed? >> here's what is going to happen i think. those in the center, people like
6:39 am
me, are going to say let's try to fix it, keep what mary catherine quite rightly few elements that are popular. try to make it more cost effective and user-friendly. they're going to be advocates on the right who will say just repeal and perhaps replace. and there are going to be on the left who say only way to do this is force everyone into a single-payer plan. i think that will not come up until after the 2014 election but i suspect we'll hear it from the left, yes. patti ann: doug schoen, mary catherine ham, thanks for joining us. bill: while you guys were talking, patti ann, fox weather alert from philadelphia. we're in trenton, new jersey, how is it looking, steve? >> reporter: looking better. let me put it this way it looks pretty food but doesn't feel pretty good. it is beautiful. the sunshine is out now. the snow has stopped but you can't see unless i show a good
6:40 am
old american flag it is windy and very cold. combination of 19-degree temperature and at least 19 mile-an-hour wind, sometimes going up to 35 miles an hour. that makes it feel like 10 below zero at times despite the sun being out and shining. a lot of trouble down here because of that. that is why they closed all schools in philadelphia and in new jersey. we had governor christie declare a state of emergency way ahead of the storm pause he knew how bad it would be. the kids got back from long new year's christmas vacation and they got a one day vacation. they didn't want kids going to cold temperatures or waiting for school bus that is might not come because it was stuck in snow. it was a smart move to cancel classes even though they just got back to classes. we have people trying to get snow out of lincoln financial field in philly in time for tomorrow's playoff game. hopefully they can do that for
6:41 am
philly fans not to give them potential for snowing throw bawls because things can get ugly if they're not winning. bill: just cut back from the beer. he is just outside of philly. this is manhattan, qrv, quick response vehicle. some parts of manhattan got six to eight inches overnight in central park. we'll be dealing with this a little bit. here in new york city, the stuff melts quickly. so much heat is generated up and down the sidewalks and subway system. doesn't stick around for long. patti ann: it doesn't stay pretty and white like that for long. bill: what do you think, six hours? gets downright ugly? patti ann: yeah, slush and black. bill: stay warm out there. patti ann: big changes to the amount of food your child will get in the food lunch. why the usda changed its mind how much students should be eating. bill: nearly a dozen state attorneys general arguing that the president is breaking the law by repeatedly changing his health care regulations. we'll talk to one of them live in a moment.
6:42 am
>> this is a rare situation, first time i've seen it in the united states of america history where a president is so violating the standards of what the law sets forth, such as with the employer mandate. oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on
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patti ann: the usda is allowing schools to serve larger portions of lean meat and whole grains. restricted portion sizes would intended to combat obesity but parents and school officials argued that kids were not getting enough foods and limits on grains an meats were too low. a usda official says the rule change is part of their promise to give school nutritionists more flexibility in meal planning. >> never seen a president do anything like that with any law in the past. it is time we have a president who is going to obey the constitution and enforce the laws, not make them up. bill: texas attorney general greg abbott, one of 11 ags writing a letter to
6:46 am
kathleen sebelius claiming president obama is breaking the law by repeatedly making changes to the health care law. without going through congress. virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli signed that letter. he is with me live now. sir, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill, how are you doing? >> i'm doing fine. thank you for your time today. make your point why you agreed to sign this letter. >> the president is continuing to violate his own law, this is signature, quote, achievement, unquote and it's having all the disasterous impacts that those of us who were raising flags at the beginning said it would. and so his solution is not to go back to congress and adjust the law. it is repeatedly to violate the law himself and essentially make it up as he goes. this is a violation of the separation of powers because he is trampling on congress's role in the law-making process. it also violates what is called the take care clause of the constitution, which is that the
6:47 am
president must take care to enforce the laws of this country. of course that's exactly the opposite of what he is doing. in texas ag greg abbott said the at your opening there. this president continues to trample the constitution. our letter first addressed that ongoing problem and he doesn't ever seem to have any sense of shame over violating his first duty, that is to preserve and protect and uphold the laws of the united states. we would all be happy to see them go back to congress and rewrite frankly, repeal this whole law but he, the president is humiliated. he is embarass and going back to congress would be a massive admission of failure. and he is just not prepared to do that. so what is his alternative? well the way this president is acting his alternative is to violate his oath of office and the constitution. bill: abbott was making the point with greta that he found
6:48 am
himself in a corner, is fighting his way out by changing the law. here is, so our viewers know from "the wall street journal" some of the changes. small business health options program been delayed. the employer mandate's been delayed. canceled insurance plans and minimum standards fixed. that was from november 14th last year. delay of the individual mandate for some in december 19, 2013 as well. chris wallace made the point -- >> bill, it is -- bill: let me get the question out one second here. >> sure. bill: made a point like chinese restaurant. you have one of those, two of those but none of those over there. i understand the point you're making but can you stop that through this letter or communication? >> well their, the letter itself won't do it but obviously we're giving fair warning. this was organized by west virginia attorney general patrick morrissey, who is a health care, regulatory health care expert himself much so we have expertise among the ags
6:49 am
in this area and what you're going to see at some point is, the president's attempt to not enforce the law is at some point going to injure someone. and they will have standing to bring a lawsuit. and i would expect that that will happen in the next couple of months because these props are tripping over each other. now, part of the challenge for those of us who are on the side of preserving the rule of law is, that a lot of the harm is happening to insurance companies and others who frankly are just afraid to take on the administration. unlike the attorneys general we gotten into the habit of doing it when the federal government violates the law. insurance companies think, oh gosh, i don't want to sue my regulate because they will be mean to me. and in fact this administration has demonstrated that is sort of a chicago mentality. it's a concern. so whether this will reach the point of litigation is going to be a developing question that i
6:50 am
think you're going to see the state ags continue to play a significant role in. bill: we will follow, see if it goes anywhere. thank you, sir. ken cuccinelli out of virginia today. stay warm. >> you bet. bill: thank you, patti ann. patti ann: the northeast is under a blanket of white and temperatures are plummeting. a news conference from new york city is coming at the top of the hour. we'll bring you an update as you look live at new york city. [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edwa jones. this is shirley eaking. how may i help you? oh hey, neill, how areou? how was the trip? [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors... [ shirle] he's right here. hold on one sec. [ malennouncer ]'d expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪
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bill: another great football game last night. sugar bowl did not disappoint new orleans. oklahoma, alabama. the tide was favorite. less than a minute to play. 'bama trying to put together a drive to tie it. after this touchdown. here is the drive to tie it. >> mccarron, pressure from behind and the ball is out. it is scooped up by oklahoma.
6:54 am
touchdown. bill: what a game. sooners upset alabama 45-31, your final. last time 'bama lost back-to-back games under nick saban, have to go back six years. oklahoma, a big win last night. rose bowl from the previous night, when michigan state beat stanford. keep you updated. patti ann: not following it. bill: two well-played football games. patti ann: excitings, absolutely. all right. secretary of state john kerry is in israel right now meeting for a second day with prime minister benjamin netanyahu trying to broker a peace deal with the palestinians. connor powell live in the middle east bureau. conor, what is the goal of this trip? >> reporter: secretary kerry is here for the 10th time in the past year. immediately upon landing he said the time is near for tough decisions to be made by both parties. secretary kerry faces a
6:55 am
monumental task to get a framework to lead to a more permanent final agreement here. he is meeting again with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and prime minister mahmoud abbas and other local officials. trying to create a framework agreement, not a final agreement, but a framework agreement by the end of april so he has four months. polls show israelis and palestinians overwhelming support a agreement that ends the conflict and create as two-state solution. politicians on both side have failed to reach any kind of a agreement. according to state department officials kerry is not expecting a lot out of this trip but he will be back here once a month the next four months trying to lay a foundation for permanent agreement. patti ann. patti ann: what specifically, conor, is holding up the deal? >> reporter: well history for one thing. after decades of violence an conflict there knit much in the way of goodwill in between the israelis and palestinians.
6:56 am
neither side sees the other as viable peace partner. but on a larger level the potential border after future palestinian state and future of israeli settlements inside the current palestinian territories there are 300,000 israelis live in the west bank where the future palestinian state. where they end up is a major sticking point. the future of holy city of jerusalem, both israelis and palestinians want it as the capitol. stickiest issue is security. israelis want a presence in the palestinian state as a way to prevent attacks. palestinians want israelis out. there are a lot of issues, patti ann. it will take a lot of time to try to hash them out. patti ann: conor powell, live for us. thank you. bill: first big winter storm of 2014 and she is fierce. snow, wind, arctic temperatures making things down right dangerous for millions across about two dozen states. team fox coverage. we'll take you outdoors next.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> massive winter storms is putting tens of millions of americans in their cross hairs. it is cold out there today. welcome here. how are you doing? better than yesterday? >> i had a bit of a cough yesterday. heavy snow and frigid temperatures and the fist storm of the year is a big mess. >> you worry about frost bite and hyperthermia. >> we have team coverage. first, in boston who has been
7:01 am
outside for 48 hours. how cold is it, molly? >> it is cold. we are still in the double digit wind chill and single digit temperatures. this is the snow that is packed in my the snow trucks. they pushed it up here in the parking lot. slushy on the neighborhood road. but on the bright side, good news from logan airport -- they have a few flights taking off and landing and they hope to get back to normal by this evening. 3,000 pieces of road equipment are out cleaning the streets. but the government is shutdown and the governor asked employers
7:02 am
to let people stay home. we are starting to get a little bit of traffic. but i think a lot of people decided to stay home. >> there are concerns about coastal flooding and there were beaches on the coast of massachusetts and the waves were really high. >> there are always concerns about the coastal flooding. there are a lot of low-lying areas. they made it through the high tide withoutproblems. one more that is a concern is at noon today. they have the national guard standing by to help in case that is necessary. we might be okay, fingers crossed. we have not seen too many power outages and that is particularly
7:03 am
great considering how cold it is. >> and the patriots get a bye week this week. that is probably a good thing, molly. >> i think they would have done all right. >> okay. >> well for more now on what week expect from this storm let's continue our fox team coverage live in the fox weather center. >> i hope you are feeling better. we are seeing the cold temperatures in the northeast and things are going to moderate this weekend and then cold again. snow totals across the region and the national service forecast is doing a good job. a foot of snow in long island. nine inches in connecticut and in the city of boston 14.6
7:04 am
inches of snow. and north of boston just shy of two feet. the snow has been coming down but it is coming to an end. but the wind will continue to be a concern throughout the first half of the day. expect the gust to exceed 30 miles per hour and possible whiteouts out there so be careful. temperatures are very cold and factoring in the wind it is frigid. 39 below 0 in maine.
7:05 am
wind chill advisory are in affect in those areas. and more snow in ohio and indiana. but one of the bigger stories is going to be how cold it is going to be and possibly colder than in some areas. in chicago, the actual high temperature is 10 degrees below 0 and the low is 17 below 0 and the wind chills will be dangerous in the midwest. cold parts down into mississippi and louisiana. >> that winter is leaving people stranded on the ground in the
7:06 am
and air. air travelers say they have to wait until the conditionsm improve for them. >> they said they have been trying to fly out for three days. >> they said if we leave tomorrow at 2 p.m. we will get home at 10 p.m. >> there is a big ripple affect all across the country. what is it doing in your neck of the woods? share a picture. this is from pennsylvania and we will share it with you. what you have to look forward to once the snow passes. blue skies but cold
7:07 am
temperatures. >> my son wanted to go sled riding, but it is too cold >> did i tell you i attended the coldest football game ever? >> you might have mentioned it. >> a new study saying the expansion of medicaid will increase the visit to the ene y energy -- room. >> in the state of oregon, they were expanding their medicare program but it more people filling out for the slots than the slot. they held a lottery so it was a
7:08 am
random affect. they studied those folks over the long hall and how they are doing and what has changed about health care and the way people receive it in oregon. remember the phrase bend the cost curve? the president used this to sell the law in 2009-2010. they were going to get rid of expensive routine emergency room care. turns out people with insurance once they got the government insurance went to the emergency room much more frequently. >> why did the administration if
7:09 am
you go ahead with obamacare you would reduce the cost? what was the logic? >> when people in think tanks and partisans especially are thinking about these things in the abstract they say we assume people will act this way or that way. turns out the brain set doesn't have a grasp on how humans behave and these are unintended consequen consequences. the president wanted to convince this was going to help the majority of americans people. but as the law isn't delivering on this we look back and see how they were eager to accept these ideas that were not tested. >> you talk about the democratic
7:10 am
strategy in the upcoming election is to eat the rich. do you write how democrats will run on obamacare in november? >> they will run on a part of the obamacare. that is look at what we are doing for poor people. the problem is for most americans the law is shaping up to be a negative rather than a positive. they will talk about raising the minimum wage and they will make free welfare health insurance part of the argument to hold on to the senate. they have to limit the republican gains to involve and they can do that if they mobile
7:11 am
in big cities. >> go to our website to sign up for this news letter. >> fears of an al qaeda resurgeance. >> and an investigation underway after an oil tanker exploded on a busy highway sending a massive smoke cloud into the sky. >> and editors call on the united states to pardon edward snowden. >> soon to be facilitated and advanced by the new york times they are a disgrace and their editors are a disgrace. [ bottle ] okay, listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. [ all gasp ] oj, veggies you're cool. resurgeannce
7:12 am
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7:15 am
>> a tanker truck left a michigan highway closed a couple hours. it exploded and sent smoke and chemicals into the air. the driver was hospitalized but he is okay. >> he is good. he came off the bridge somehow and got out of the vehicle by himself. >> tough guy. no other injuries reported. evacuati evacuations ordered but then called off. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. new concerns al qaeda is having a resurgence in iraq. violence is surging to levels
7:16 am
not seen in eight years. 8,000 civilians were killed in 2013. u.s. troops withdrew from the area in 2011. we have a military analyst with us today. thank you for joining us. >> happy new year. >> 7800 civilians were killed in iraq in 2013 that is higher than 2008 during the surge and double during the surge. what do you think of this this >> there are other estimates saying 10,000 have been killed. i think when people look become on obamacare, they mean see his retreat from iraq was the number one blunder. he left behind a power vacuum.
7:17 am
al qaeda had been broken under bush. and they were able to grab the narrative and say we won. now we have iraq back to a civil war and syria and lebanon and north africa and libya, al qaeda and like-minded organizations are stronger than when obama took office. if we had troops in iraq, imagine how syria would be different. >> what factly is al qaeda's role there? >> well, al qaeda played for
7:18 am
high stake in iraq. they lost. we beat them and calmed it down. al qaeda put down roots, though. and the seeds were able to bloom again when the u.s. left. within the communities, it is fanatics versus moderates. and then you have the curds. the powerful versus the hatred. the secular in washington still can't believe religion is a powerful force in foreign affairs. and the boarders don't work. and you're seeing the people of
7:19 am
the middle east drawing their own boarders in blood while the state department pretends it is business as usual. >> how strong is al qaeda in other areas outside of iraq? >> much stronger. people focus on al qaeda, but now other settlers have followed. and you have al qaeda and many other groups throughout no africa, central africa, and the middle east al qaeda is now a powerful region on the a global force. >> what do you think the americans should do now? >> there is no good solution. the middle east is so broken and
7:20 am
hate-filled we can only be construction in the margins. they will have to solve it themselves and they will solve it in blood. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you, patty. >> breaking news. been watching the story where the supreme court justice granted a stay to the groups against contraception in obamacare. tuesday night late in the evening is when t granted to the nuns that administer health care plans for catholic
7:21 am
organization a temporary injunction. now the u.s. government has asked the supreme court not to allow this. it is friday morning and one of the justice will either decide weather the junction should be extended. there is no deadline. the government has asked them not to give the exemption. we will let you know what happens. federal judge stepping in between the family and had hospital of jahi mcmath. could they be closer to a
7:22 am
resolution? >> and a landmark attorney could set the stage for a number of immigrants that are looking for high profile careers. high profile careers. announcer ] evenore impressive than the research this man has at his disposal is how he puts it to work for his clients. morning. morning. thanks for meeting so early. co on in. [ male annncer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. so tnia sotomayo
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7:25 am
>> federal judge ordering mandatory talks between the hospitals' lawyers and the family of jahi mcmath and they are hoping to solve how to care for the child who is declared dead after a tonsillectomy. >> reporter: there is a hearing and a meeting happening today.
7:26 am
the meeting is at 11 o'clock local time. the judge called for the meeting trying to come to a conclusion before the deadline. the hospital says they will continue to work with the family all they need is a plan from the family. >> if someone steps forward we will do everything in our power as long as it is legally and medically correct to turn the body over. >> reporter: there is a hearing where the family is trying to get a feeding tube in jahi mcmath because she hasn't had any nutrition.
7:27 am
>> are they going to find a solution for both parties? >> it is difficult situation for many people. when is a person dead? potentially the family could be the one if a new law were to go through. and the judge is trying to find a way to get both sides coming to the table. the hospital is saying no one called them but the family is saying they have a plan in place. there is going to be a hearing to force the hospital to put a nutritional tube into a body they say is deceased. >> our hearts and hands go out to this family. if they would like to move the deceased body of jahi mcmath but we have yet to hear from a single facility that would
7:28 am
accept her. >> reporter: today is a very big day in his court case. >> thank you, adam. >> millions of americans are digging out after a snow storm slams the east. >> and the forecast is coming up behind it. >> should edward snowden get clearancey for reporting the truth? >> edward snowden is a trader and the new york times is an accomplice. blp blood pressure
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> a fox news alert. people in parts of the midwest and northwest are waking up the blizzard conditions today after an a massive storm packed snow and heavy wind. long island has seen seven inches of snow and is expecting more. laura is live in free port. what is the latest there? >> if you ever want to know what it is like to be in a snow
7:33 am
globe, you would have had your way this morning. the is the nautical mile and this street is almost always busy but not so much today. roads are flooding over with high tide and the roads that have water on it are looking like a slurpy. they are starting to freeze over. getting big totals here. new york city saw five inches. there is a lot of wind whipping around. we want to show you the quick response vehicle. this is the live shot in upper manhattan. we have high wind advisory and here on long island as well. i want to mention the stiff winds left everyone with the bone chilling conditions.
7:34 am
schools were closed in new york city and schools up and down the east coast were coldi. it blizzard warning is until 1 p.m. today. >> what is the condition at the airport? >> three major highways were closed overnight. the airports are a mess. jfk was closed for a while. laguardia is reporting they are open. the port authority is reporting they have over 200 pieces of equipment to get rid of all of
7:35 am
the snow so they can get the planes back up in the air. >> looks like norway out there. the editorial boards of two international papers are calling on the u.s. to pardon edward snowden. the new york times said he may have committed a crime, but he did the country a great service. it is time for the u.s. to offer a plea bargain were him to return home and face punishment in the light of a whistle blower. there is disagreement on that. >> they have made themselves the blame american rag. they go out of their to make an
7:36 am
apology for terrorist. >> we have a fox news con trib here. and whose side are you on? >> they are both extreme. first, happy new year. >> and to you. >> what edward snowden did was illegal and he has to accept the punishment. that doesn't mean we have to throw the book at him. given how much discussion there has been on the merits and the execution of the program and how we would not know the details of the nsa surveillance --
7:37 am
>> so you are cutting him slack. >> a little slack but he should not have run off. >> i am on american's side and i think the new york times has a history of revealing details that have damaged the country. so why would i be surprised when they decide edward snowden is their brother. edward snowden is a trader. he deserves to come home and end his life at the end of a hangman's noose. he has damaged the county's intelligence gathering. and the meta data gathering is the most important and it is overseen by court and it is
7:38 am
legal now according to the law and now it will be resolved in the u.s. supreme court. but he has done immense damage we may take decades to recover from. and he defers to face the penalty and that is a hangman's noose. >> i agree with 90% of what you said except were the hangman's noose. this was an important conversation that needed to be happened. should he be held accountable and not have run off? do i think the meta data and the information around this -- and i think the administration has
7:39 am
walked a fine line.s legal prog it was a conversation worth happening. >> do you think the administration will listen to his article? do you think they will cut him slack? >> no, i don't think so. and you know this is going to pain me but i have to agree with the obama administration they are right: he should come back and face the penalty. if they cut him slack that is saying you can steal america's secrets and damage the country when there are other ways to do it and you will send the message if you steal from america and damage this county you will be able to take the rest of what you have and make a pardon.
7:40 am
>> i am not talking pardon. i don't think he deserves pardon just to be clear. >> california's supreme court has granted an illegal immigrant the right to practice law. >> what california does a lot of people follow. i know florida is facing the same issue and new york. and i can they were waiting on us to act. >> and we are talking the winter of 2014. where is this guys? that is new york city. getting word that one runway at jfk is opening. the storm isn't over because the temperatures are fierce behind it.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> that is clay aikan. what do you do when you are a former american idol? you run for office. he is thinking about running for a seat in north carolina. we will let you know if he makes a move on that. >> a man who has lived in the united states illegally for two decades can now practice law.
7:45 am
it is the latest in a string of victories for advocates. let's bring in the legal panel. thank you for joining us. a 1996 federal law bars people from receiving professional licenses from a government agency unless the state votes to legalize them. and state of california did authorize this. the state had to uphold the granting of the license. what are the implications here? >> happy new year. eric holder from the u.s. attorney general's office need
7:46 am
to make a resolution he isn't going to waste the taxpayer money by fighting things like this. the state law allowed the license to be issued so why they intervened i have no idea other than to political the agenda. other states will follow in california's path and allow non-u.s. citizens to practice medicine and other professions. but i think this was the right ruling. >> so tom, federal law makes it illegal for other firms to hire the man. he can not start his own practice. can he argue in federal court and other states. does this create problems?
7:47 am
>> this man's journey is admirable and i think he should be able to practice in california and other states that deem he is a lawyer. but this undermines the public confidence in our legal system. we have the best legal system and lawyers in the world if i do say so myself. there is a certain amount of prestige attached to that. they feel like it is being undermined and this ruling is going to sway people from
7:48 am
becoming lawyer and undermining the potential clients who go see a lawyer like is this person legal. >> he worked in a grocery store and on farms while study and passed the bar and it is inspiration except for the fact he is here illegal but it send the message the end justifies the mean. >> this is the american dream. in terms of regulating lawyers and rather they are competent, i have been practicing for years and i have met a lot that were not. all of these talks about them raping the medical system but we have a perfect role model for
7:49 am
all races. worked hard working two jobs. >> brian, let me ask you -- when you took the oath it was to uphold the constitution and the laws of the united states how does this individual who has been living here illegally pass the oath? >> because the problem isn't with sergio garcia it is with the existing law. >> he gets to chose the laws he practice and the ones he doesn't. >> i am sorry i have to cut you off there. we will see if the other states follow suit. thanks for joining us. >> a hide and seek game doesn't go as planned. this is where one girl ended up. what it took to get her out. >> i feel bad for her.
7:50 am
but i thought it was funny as well.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> a game of hide and seek turns into a 911 call leading to help. an 11-year-old girl got trapped inside a washing machine. firefighters had to cut inside the drier to get her out. >> she thought she was going to die. she couldn't breathe. >> she had bruises and sore knees but otherwise she is okay. >> lucky. thousands of jobs might be on the line as the union members vote on the bowing contract to
7:54 am
keep a project live in washington state. what happens if the union votes the contract down, dan? >> reporter: there is a lot of stake here and that is why there is a long line of people waiting to go into the building and vote. and many feel this would the whole industry in the area. >> we voted. it is over. >> reporter: we almost didn't get today's vote. there has been a fight within the union over giving the members a say. they shot down bowing's proposal by a 2-1 margin. bowing made a few changes but the local leadership said it
7:55 am
wasn't enough. >> this lend the idea that anytime they come with demands we vote. >> reporter: the national leadership demanded a vote hoping to save jobs. >> what the are concessions they are demanding? >> the main one is pension. they want to move to a 401-k plan but that is not sitting well. that is saying they are giving away something they fought hard for. but there has been pressure from the local politicians to vote yes to save the jobs and industry. >> i think that would be
7:56 am
devastating for my family. >> 31 thousand machinist are voting today. >> critical time. everrett washington. >> first it was the cold and now is the cold temperatures and the wind. how long will the frigid weather stick around? stick around? the new tempur choice... [man]two people.two remotes. [announcer] firmness settings for the head,legs,and back... and with tempur on top,that famous tempur-pedic comfort comes any way you like it! [woman]ask me about the lumbar button. [man]she's got her side...and i've got my side. [announcer] tempur-pedic.the most highly recommended bed in america. [woman]don't touch my side!
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i'm calling. i'm calling. call the hartford at the number on you screen to request your free quote. we'll even send you this free calculator. call: now. why wait? >> we asked you to send us pictures from twitter. >> judy send one from mary land. >> liz shares this from brain tree, massachusetts. >> that looks so pretty until it gets slushy and yucky. >> this is from new town, pennsylvania. >> nice shot. >> this is from sarasota.
8:00 am
stay warm out there because there is another arctic freeze coming after this system >> hits keep coming in 2014. >> and you will be watching the football. >> have a great weekend. >> happening now starts now. >> we start with the fox news alert. the impact of the deadly storm felt all over the northeast today. travel in and out of the region in boston has come to a halt. grounding flights coast to coast. whipping wind and dangerously cold temperatures are a huge cause of concern. we have everything you need to know coming up in a live report. but first breaking news on today's top headlines. >> the search is on for a


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